Special Projects & Innovations

From Concept to Execution

Over the past few decades, clients have come to us with custom projects and specifications. We’re proud to have the capability and expertise to bring their ideas to life, and help solve for their unique business needs.

Whether it’s a cage dolly, zero-touch loader, oversize tight-turn trailer, drive-through ordering system, or something completely custom, we have the ability to take a concept from a drawing to a 3D design and finite element analysis, to a manufactured prototype.

A perfect fit makes all the difference. Call us today to get started.


3D Design

Final Product

Cage Dollies

Designed and built to carry oversized rigid bodies, these dollies use two separate carts and a cable-tension based turning system to transport their load. Each half of the trailer system can be used to transport smaller bodies individually.
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Zero-Touch Loader (ZTL)

The ZTL was designed to safely load both round and square tubing/pipe into other production equipment. An operator can load a bundle of material into the loader via forklift, then safely raise material until it either rolls onto a conveyor if using a round tube, or raises and pushes it, if using a square tube.
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Oversize Tight-Turn Trailer

Designed so that rear wheels follow the path of the front wheels, this 60,000lb capacity trailer can fit down narrow lanes. The trailer uses a series of specially-designed linkages to achieve this due to the length of the trailer.
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Drive Through Ordering

WorkSaver manufactures drive-through equipment in support of fast food needs. Products range from basic security doors and ladders to more complex order control units and curved rotating canopies.