MHE. Material Handling Equipment

Simplify your workflow with quality material handling equipment.

Worksaver Equipment - Get More Done With Less

Enhance your facility’s productivity with our high-performance material handling equipment. Designed for maximum efficiency, our MHE products reduce manual effort, speed up processes, and increase the accuracy of every task.

This means less waiting, fewer delays, and more progress every day. Equip your team with the tools they need to boost productivity and get more done with less.

Custom Material Handling Equipment

When our standard products aren’t the right fit, we can engineer custom equipment for your exact material handling needs.

We handle every step of the process, from designing the concept to building it into reality.

With every design, we prioritize safety, efficiency, and durability, ensuring that each piece of equipment exceeds industry standards and client expectations.

Have questions about custom material handling equipment? Give us a call and let’s build your material handling solution together.

WorkSaver MHE: Material Handling Equipment Solutions

Discover our range of material handling equipment, designed for versatility and reliability. With top-tier trailers, durable carts and custom solutions for unique requirements, we have the ideal tools to optimize your workflow and get the job done.


Designed To Move With Your Business

Explore our range of industrial trailers, designed for versatility and durability across many applications. Each model is designed with stability, ease of movement, and heavy-duty performance in mind, whether on the shop floor or across the facility grounds.

Custom Carts

Unlock Your Operations

Enhance your operations with custom carts designed for your specific needs. We create carts that fit into your workflow with ease, enhancing productivity and reducing strain. With a variety of available configurations and features tailored to your requirements, our carts are more than a tool – they’re a game changer in material handling efficiency

Pick Carts

Precision in Picking Operations

Boost your team’s performance with carts that are designed for smooth handling and durability to withstand the demands of a busy warehouse. Our pick carts are tailored to optimize the picking process so you can enjoy faster, more accurate order assembly with less effort.

Heavy-Duty Carts

Powerhouse Performance

Built to tackle the toughest tasks in the most demanding environments, these robust carts are the backbone of any intensive material handling operation.

Designed to transport heavy, bulky items without compromising on performance, each cart is constructed with high-grade materials and reinforced to handle additional weight, ensuring longevity and reliability, and providing your team with the muscle needed to move massive loads with confidence.

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